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Background of the Organization

Sachetan Society is a non-political and non-profitable social development organization incepted in 1984 for the socioeconomic development and empowerment of the landless, destitute and socially downtrodden people with a vision of building ‘Poverty Free Bangladesh’. Sachetan Society has better experience and learned to address the causes of the vulnerable situations and conditions, uphold its capacity & working dimensions through the working process. Thereby it has developed as a socio-ecological, holistic development and right based NGO in the Barendra region of the country. It generally started its interventions when the poverty situations were worst, the poor people were dominated by power structure and driven to abuse and exploitation in access to rights and entitlements, the malpractices of patriarchal powers and so-called religious leaders strongly prohibit the women’s rights to participation, projection, education and justice. Since its inception, Sachetan Society works in rights based and integrated approach to fight for the people, and against the structural and root causes of poverty, abuse, exploitation as well as injustice. It selected the areas where the inhuman situations such as polygamy, marriage at early age, frequent divorce, dowry, domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation of women and children, child labour, children in conflict with laws, human trafficking, poverty, illiteracy, ill-health & unhygienic conditions, social, economical & climate vulnerabilities, etc. were very high. It is also noted that at present environmental degradation and climate change effects are the affecting reasons and greater threat to increase poverty and the inhuman situation. So, considering the overall situation in the region, Sachetan Society is committed towards socio-ecological and holistic development of the vulnerable community applying right based and integrated approach, democratic practices, and encompassing management framework with the participation of target groups as development partners. At present, it has been working in 10 districts targeting 50,000 families of 1,832 villages of 43 Upazilas. According to development needs, Sachetan Society was registered with the authorities of Department of Social Service in 1984, NGOs Affairs Bureau in 1997 and Micro Credit Regulatory Authority in 2008.

Md. Hasinul Islam
Executive Director, Sachetan Society